For Trainers & Coaches

Complete platform for training, coaching & supervising students.

Pluvo has everything you need for your training sessions. Create a beautiful e-learning in just a few clicks and easily link it to your webshop, marketing tools or forms!

More than 600 organisations organise their learning with Pluvo

Ideal for trainers & coaches

Whatever your course or target group, Pluvo gives you all the tools you need to share your content with just a few clicks. You can easily stay in touch with your students through automated notifications and chat. Do you sell your courses? Then you can easily connect Pluvo to your webshop!

Create easy teaching materials

Create beautiful teaching modules and learning lines full of questions, content, learning paths, and interactivity in just a few clicks. Of course, you can put it in your own style and decide exactly who has access to what.

Stay in touch with the chat

Stay in touch with your students via our chat. This way, they can easily ask you a question, but they can also chat and share files with each other. Of course, you decide who can communicate with each other.

Connect to your webshop and marketing tools

No more manually adding and removing students: with our Zapier coupling you connect your webshop to Pluvo, so that students have immediate access to your e-learning after purchase. In addition, you can connect to many marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Hubspot and Zoho. The possibilities are endless!

Make your training special

In addition to training, Pluvo offers opportunities for self-development and collaboration.
This way, your training sessions will be even more effective.


The library is the central repository for general information and documents. Think, for example, of manuals, templates and books. This way, your students can easily find all the important information.

Personal development plan

Each student has their own development plan. This allows someone to work very specifically on personal goals. This ensures that goals are reached more quickly and that you, as a trainer or coach, have insight into this.


After completing a course or after passing a test, you reward your students with a personal certificate. This way, they will feel extra motivated & valued. What a positive effect on your education!

“The contact with Pluvo is very personal. That is such a power. If I run into something, I can contact you in no time. The people behind Pluvo always think along with me”

Koert Hendriks

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