Social learning

Learn from and with each other with Pluvo: the academy full of social learning

Pluvo offers tons of social learning opportunities, such as a chat, discussions, assignments and more!

With Pluvo, you learn together

Pluvo offers many opportunities for social learning. This makes learning even more effective.

Let's chat

Pluvo includes an integrated chat, making it easy to consult and share files with each other. For example, you can communicate 1-on-1 with the trainer, but you can also create chat groups. This can be done, for example, on the basis of work groups, interests or the training someone follows!

Joint assignments

Working together stimulates interaction and bonding! Therefore, let your students or employees work together on a group assignment or discussion. You can even assess this and thus make it part of your learning journey.

Discussion forums & communities

Within a learning line, you can easily create a discussion forum where people can discuss with each other. You can also create communities based on preferences, interests, or other similarities.

Develop with your trainer

Pluvo offers a personal development plan for each participant. This way, you not only work on your own development: you can also easily share it with the coach, manager or trainer, who can comment on this. This is how you get the most out of your personal development!

The academy for your students and employees

Opportunities for interaction & social contact
Increase learning efficiency through the wide variety of assignments
Learning experiences that automatically adapt to learning needs
Create beautiful teaching materials and challenging tests
Keep an overview of progress & progress

“The contact with Pluvo is very personal. That is such a power. If I run into something, I can contact you in no time. The people behind Pluvo always think along with me”

Koert Hendriks

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