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Your own training platform for your organisation

Pluvo offers you all the tools to make work processes more efficient and train employees. Digitise your knowledge in just a few clicks!

More than 600 organisations organise their learning with Pluvo

Results achieved with Pluvo

Your own learning path & onboarding process for employees
Work instructions and processes automated
Increased safety and quality in the workplace
Insight into employee performance and progress
All company information in one place

6 Reasons to Use Pluvo

Your own learning platform

Training and onboarding people for a specific task on a production line or for required qualifications, such as VCA or HACCP. Pluvo is also responsive and can be used in the workplace on any device.

Audit proof

Being able to demonstrate that you are working safely, finding out who did what and when, and determining when someone needs extra training.

Automation & time savings

It is no longer necessary to keep track of work instructions in Excel. Digitise your knowledge and automate your processes. Measure performance and issue certificates.

Quality improvement & risk reduction

With Pluvo, employees can only carry out certain activities after they have successfully completed the associated training.

Learn at your own pace & language

Employees can learn at a time that suits them best. Pluvo supports multiple languages, so that each employee can learn in their own language.

Easy to scale up and down

Easily scale up to a larger plan when the employee base expands and scale down when it's quieter. This way, you only pay for what you need and temporary workers quickly become familiar with business processes.

Easily connect Pluvo to your other systems.

Chances are that you are already working with different platforms within your organisation. Connect Pluvo to 2,000+ apps via our Zapier integration. Do you want a customised link to your CRM or HR system? This is easy to integrate via the Pluvo API. Contact us to discuss the options.

“Pluvo is very intuitive and easy to use. The platform offers countless opportunities to create a course, but also to evaluate the student!”

Diederik de Bruyn


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