Make your organisation's knowledge unforgettable

Prevent important knowledge from being lost. Make sharing expertise easy and centralise all learning activities on one convenient platform.

More than 600 organisations and 100,000 users are learning with Pluvo

Sharing knowledge is easier with Pluvo

Convert knowledge into e-learning and save valuable time and constant repetition
Manage all your learning activities in one central place for overview and efficiency
Organise meetings, events, and webinars, and manage enrollments
Easily pose questions to trainers or subject matter experts
Respond to the performance and development of employees with real-time insight

With Pluvo, you share and store important knowledge

Save valuable time and constant repetition by digitising knowledge. With Pluvo's authoring tool, you can quickly create engaging teaching materials, learning lines and tests. Whether you create the content yourself or hire experts: with Pluvo, you can make this accessible to everyone.

All your knowledge in one place

With Pluvo, you have one place to organise all your learning activities. Pluvo offers space for various forms of learning, from e-learning to offline training sessions to complete learning lines. This way, your employees know exactly where they can find everything about learning in your organisation.

Organise meetings effortlessly

Easily organise your meetings, events and webinars with Pluvo and let your employees register for them. After registration, give students automatic access to e-learnings, preparatory assignments or learning lines. This saves an awful lot of emailing back and forth!

Learn from and with each other

With Pluvo, you don't have to spend hours looking for information: simply ask your questions to trainers or subject experts. In addition, there are many other opportunities to learn from and with each other. Think of discussions within learning trajectories, (group) assignments and a personal development plan.

Insight into progress and performance

Get real-time insight into the performance and progress of employees and act on this as a manager or trainer. This way, you can improve the existing content, but you can also learn what to share extra information about, constantly improving the learning experience.

“Pluvo is a user-friendly system that fits our budget and meets all the requirements we set. The enthusiastic people behind the system certainly also helped with the choice.”

Marijke Stolk

Koninklijke Saan

Endless possibilities

Onboarding new employees
Product and software training courses
Health & Safety
Blended: online and offline learning combined
Soft & hard skills
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