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Create beautiful teaching materials and challenging tests.

With Pluvo, you can easily create learning lines, teaching materials and tests.

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Pluvo offers many options for teaching materials & tests.

Dazzling teaching materials

No matter how you want to transfer your knowledge: within a few minutes, you'll share your expertise with great teaching materials. Almost all types of content can be used for this purpose. Think of videos, texts, images, Prezis or downloads. This way, you can easily build your own e-learning!

Tests & quizzes

Test knowledge or make your e-learning more interactive? Pluvo offers you various test and test options such as different question types, retakes, time limits and learning paths. The wide range of options ensures that you test exactly what you want to test!

Submission orders & discussions

Pluvo offers countless opportunities to make learning truly personal. For example, let your users submit and rate a document, presentation, or video. Host a group discussion. Or rate someone's sales pitch. It's all possible in Pluvo.

Learning paths

The level of knowledge of students often varies at the start of your online training. So tailor teaching materials accordingly, so that everyone gets the most out of your training! For example, you can start with a start key to determine the level and adjust the material accordingly.

The academy for your students and employees

Within a few minutes, you will share your knowledge in your academy
Increase learning efficiency through the wide variety of assignments
Countless opportunities for interaction and social contact
Create beautiful teaching materials and challenging tests
Create learning experiences that adapt to learning needs

I really like e-learning at Pluvo and easy to use! With Pluvo, RID's onboarding process has become a lot more flexible.

Stephanie Kun

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