Learn Management

Easily manage and analyze all your learning lines, students, and teaching materials.

Pluvo provides easy insight into your teaching materials and students. Thanks to these insights, you can constantly improve your learning experiences, but also proactively support students!

What is Pluvo's LMS system?

Pluvo's Learning Management System (LMS) is software that allows you to manage and analyze learning lines, students and training courses for your e-learning.

Full insight with reports

With Pluvo's Learning Management System (LMS), you can keep a clear overview of all training courses and trainers. This way, you can easily check progress, but you can also make very specific reports to gain insight into the issues that are relevant to you. As a result, you know exactly what your trainers and students do and how well your training courses are made.

User Management

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 students: Pluvo gives you insight & makes filtering and making selections very easy. Whether this is by 'company' or 'coffee preference', you decide the filters. This also makes it very easy to create groups based on function, department or start date, so that everyone has access to the right content.

Insight for managers

Managers often want to have insight into the progress and results of their employees, but do not necessarily have to interfere with the content of training courses. Give these people the role of group manager so they know exactly what their employees do, without being burdened with things that are not relevant to them.

Who gets to see what?

Can everyone see your course material, or is it only visible to certain people or groups? Within Pluvo, you can set very precisely who sees what. The different roles make this even easier. This way, you can only see what is relevant to you!

The academy for your students and employees

Keep a clear overview of progress & progress
Increase learning efficiency through the wide variety of assignments
Countless opportunities for interaction and social contact
Create beautiful teaching materials and challenging tests
Create learning experiences that adapt to learning needs

“Pluvo is very intuitive and easy to use. The platform offers countless opportunities to create a course, but also to evaluate the student!”

Diederik de Bruyn

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