Organise registrations for your events and webinars

With Pluvo, you have one place to organise all your learning activities. Whether they take place offline or online.

With Pluvo, you can learn everywhere

You can also easily organise your physical learning activities, events and webinars with Pluvo.

Physical events & webinars

Easily organise your meetings, events and webinars within Pluvo. Creating your own offer is incredibly easy, and can also be completely customised to your own corporate identity! And whether it's a one-off event or a recurring training: your participants can easily find an event of their choice and sign up for it.

Who can sign up for what?

Not every offer is suitable for every participant. That's why you can easily set who can register for what. Consider, for example, certain functions, levels, or departments. You can also choose that only participants from a certain learning line are allowed to register for something. Is permission required by a trainer or manager before someone can register? Then, of course, you can set that up!

Automatic access to the right information

Create an event page and enthuse your students with texts, videos, or other content before they sign up. And did they sign up? Then you can automatically give them access to the associated preparations, assignments and e-learnings! Afterwards, you will automatically issue a registered certificate.

Choose from a range of courses

Do you want to give your students autonomy in what they learn and when? You can also use this functionality to let your students enroll in e-learning and online training courses. After all, autonomy promotes motivation to learn! Here, too, the following applies: you choose which content is accessible to whom.

The academy for your students and employees

Within a few minutes, you will share your knowledge in your academy
Create beautiful teaching materials and challenging tests
Countless opportunities for interaction and social contact
Create learning experiences that adapt to learning needs
Keep a clear overview of progress & progress

“However, Pluvo stands far above the competition. The ease of use for both students and trainers is fantastic: within 30 minutes, I knew exactly how Pluvo works!”

Gidi Heynens

Bureau Yop
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