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In an ISO audit, Pluvo allows us to easily demonstrate that employees regularly attend training courses in the field of privacy and information security.

Rene Wardenaar


What exactly does RIFF do?

RIFF provides premium customer contact for clients with complex customer care challenges. We do this on all channels, ranging from social media, live chat, telephony and e-mail to on-site personal assistance. At RIFF, high-quality customer contact, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty 24/7 are key. We work with a team of more than 400 employees: an optimal mix of experienced specialists and young online talent. Our specialists always offer a solution, using their digital knowledge and a keen eye for the human dimension. This is how we really help people move forward and relieve clients.

Our vision is: “Be digital, stay human”

At RIFF, we manage every challenging, complex customer journey. We do this in various sectors such as Mobility, Aviation, Retail, Health & Government. We strive to provide an excellent experience for the end customer, with a focus on quality and empathy. Our clients' customers are aware that they are talking to a person and not with a chatbot.

How is Pluvo deployed at Riff?

“Pluvo helps to organise mandatory training courses more flexibly.”

We use Pluvo for many different things. For example, each new employee goes through an assessment, where various assignments are made to assess whether the person fits into the RIFF team. In doing so, we test issues such as customer friendliness, empathy, language and tone of voice.

When a new employee then starts at RIFF, he/she receives onboarding training via Pluvo. In this way, we ensure that employees have all the practical information they need to get started. For example, they learn which systems they will use, how to request a vacation, and who to approach with questions.

In addition, we have converted many substantive training courses into e-learning, such as our Privacy & Information Security training. In the past, all our training courses were given live via PowerPoint, but with Pluvo, everyone can follow training on-demand from home. We have also set up e-learning courses about products, processes and systems for our clients. When training courses do have to take place live, Pluvo is regularly used as a tool to make the training varied and interactive.

Why was Pluvo chosen as the platform?

“We spoke to various suppliers, but at Pluvo, we felt it was a perfect fit for RIFF. The platform is dynamic and user-friendly”

When implementing our ISO certification, it turned out that it was difficult for us to report on participating in our Privacy and Data Security training. This is mandatory training for all our employees, but it was difficult at the time to keep track of who had participated and who had not participated, and whether they had completed the training successfully.

This prompted us to look for a Learning Management System that could provide us with clear reports. In an ISO audit, Pluvo allows us to easily demonstrate that our employees regularly attend training courses in the field of privacy and information security.

How is building in Pluvo experienced?

“Everyone can work with Pluvo and it's easy to make adjustments.”

The cooperation with Pluvo is very pleasant. In particular, the workshops in the beginning were valuable and helped us get to know Pluvo, from planning an e-learning to setting the right conditions.

Do you use other tools to enrich the e-learning?

We regularly use for interactive content. For example, for our onboarding e-learning, we created an interactive organisation chart to introduce people to the organisation. This can also be used to create short escape rooms, which we use for micro-learning. In addition, we use Loom for screen recordings, for example to show how different tools work.

What tips do you have for other organisations that want to work on e-learning?

It's important to thoroughly test the e-learning before publishing it. We have set up a test account, with which we go through the e-learning to check the conditions, for example. We've also learned that participants sometimes don't pay attention or don't read the information in full. That's why it's essential to clearly mark important points, especially in questions.

In addition, it is useful to create templates for yourself: in Pluvo, you can put the e-learning in your corporate identity and easily reuse and modify it.

Also, vary content formats, such as videos, interactive games, and tests, to keep people engaged. We don't make e-learning too complicated by breaking information into manageable pieces.

Do you want to say anything else about Pluvo?

“We think it's positive that Pluvo is continuously developing”

New functionalities are added every time and you have insight into the roadmap. That is very nice as a customer.

In the future, for example, we want to make use of the new Offer functionality, where employees can sign up for e-learnings or workshops on location themselves. This is how we create a true blended learning environment and offer employees ownership and the freedom to further develop in a subject they find interesting.

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