GrowWork happy with the choice for Pluvo's learning platform and services

Customer stories

“The Pluvo team has customised GrowWork in a personal and informal way, resulting in a user-friendly online learning environment with a professional look!”

Angela Tops


GrowWork Healthcare is the HR service provider in the healthcare sector. The organisation helps candidates find the perfect job with healthcare providers, health insurers, health authorities and care offices.

In addition to interesting positions and support in complex situations, GrowWork also offers training courses for qualified nurses. In this way, GrowWork Healthcare contributes to a higher quality of healthcare in the Netherlands.

Why e-learning?

Angela Tops, training program manager, explains why they use e-learning:

Pluvo is used as an online learning environment for our courses to shape the lessons in a blended way: participants will find preparation and processing assignments, presentations of the classroom lessons and reference materials. In addition, communication between participants, trainers and secretariat takes place entirely within the Pluvo learning environment. Afterwards, participants also receive their certificate digitally, created within the learning environment.

GrowWork has purchased various services from Pluvo. For example, they had a link made between their academy and the customer management system, had the academy and certificates completely branded themselves and also attended various workshops so that the trainers were fully prepared for their new role in Pluvo.

Why Pluvo services?

“The link with the customer management system ensures that participants who register via our website also end up directly in Pluvo. This prevents extra work and human error. ”, says Angela.

GrowWork has also had the academy branded. This is how a professional image could be created immediately to customers:”A visually appealing learning environment and a fixed structure in the modules help with this”.

In addition, Pluvo could quickly be mastered, because various workshops were followed:

“The workshops during the implementation phase have helped enormously not only to get to know the system and the possibilities, but also to make choices in our internal procedures and immediately make workable process descriptions.”

How were the services experienced?

“The service is always provided in a professional but at the same time also informally”, says Angela.

“Reactions to questions come quickly, answers are workable, and the threshold for asking a question is low. Even where an immediate answer is not possible, the question is carefully listened to and always comes back at a later time.”

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