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“Pluvo is an accessible & user-friendly system that makes it very easy for us to create teaching materials. Both our teachers and students are thrilled!”

Richard Baauw

Tetrix Technical Courses

Who is Tetrix Technique

Tetrix Technique is the technology trainer in North Holland. At Tetrix, you can take technical MBO courses, but also various courses. Tetrix has been using Pluvo for some time to support their training courses. We asked Richard Baauw, Education Development Manager, why Tetrix chose Pluvo.

I'm a fan of Pluvo. In my search for a suitable system for us as practical trainers in technology, I came to you online. The “free” trial was an attractive start to see if the platform could take us further.

Tetrix Technology Courses provides practical education for the MBO Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 BBL courses. Pluvo allows us to offer a clear curriculum in modules for 2 or 3 year courses, but also for course teaching. The digital options fit well with our vision that students and students can master the subject matter completely independently through videos, images and text and can then carry out the practical assignments independently. In fact, our teachers are now more “coaches” than teachers.

Accessible system

Compiling the lessons is quite a lot of work, but that is the case with all platforms. Pluvo is very accessible and easy to learn here, you can quickly get started and make something good. The online guidance is excellent, as is the chat service for urgent questions.

We have made videos for all the skills to be learned and easily incorporated them into the lessons. The participants are very enthusiastic about how they are presented with the course material on their laptop, tablet, but most often use the phone. Look & feel are really nice!

When a participant has completed an assignment, they make a “review video” of explaining themselves why they completed the assignment properly. It is uploaded into the system as “proof” and can then be viewed by the instructor for review.

Convenient, additional features

The library that you can compile and link to the lessons is very useful, as is the chat function between the participant, trainers, etc. The platform is limited to offering course material and an overview of progress reports. This is in contrast to many other systems that are based on vMBOS or ROCs, which offer many more functionalities that we do not need (such as class schedules, student tracking system, grade lists, etc...)


The further development of the platform is also there, every quarter you see new functionalities that have been discussed with the users, so no nonsense extras. In short, a partner that you will continue to develop with!

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