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Do you want to make e-learning and could you use some advice? Do the free e-Learning Needs Scan and receive technical, didactic and visual advice!

Get off to a flying start

The “E-learning Needs Scan” is a handy tool for getting free e-learning advice, tailored to your e-learning needs and preferences. Complete a short questionnaire of approximately 7 minutes and receive a fully personalized advice report in your mailbox, based on your answers.

With the e-Learning Scan, you get more insight into your needs and what it takes to develop the e-learning you have in mind.

Why the e-Learning Needs Scan?


The pros and cons of e-learning

Make an informed decision whether or not to use e-learning.


E-learning opportunities

Discover the endless possibilities of e-learning and be surprised by all the features.


Platform supplies

If you know what you need in concrete terms, and what you don't, you can get started quickly!


Didactic knowledge

Learn how to transfer didactic knowledge so that your participants learn quickly and efficiently.


Visual knowledge

Find out how you can make your e-learning visually appealing.


Technical knowledge

Choosing and operating the right software is essential! Find out how to go about this.



Discover Pluvo's options and find out if they suit your learning solution.


Learn from experts

Who do you learn more from than real e-learning experts? And that's completely free ;-)


Sparring together

Do you still need to sparring after the scan? We are here for you!



It's free and for nothing, so what do you have to lose?!

Free personal e-learning advice

Do the e-Learning Needs Scan and get immediate advice!

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