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“The simple start and set-up meant that we had our first blended learning ready within a few weeks.”

Ruby Dickhoff

Healthy Crew

What does The Healthy Crew do?

“The Healthy Crew offers organisations preventive programs in the field of resilience and vitality and curative programs in the areas of resilience, stress, burnout and lifestyle coaching,” says director and owner Ruby Dickhoff.

“These programs are based on evidence-based methods with recognised experienced coaches in the areas of stress and burnout, lifestyle, personal development, team coaching and business coaching. The basis is science, but the support is warm and personal,” says Ruby.

She says: “Our credo “Happy Crew - Healthy Business” refers to our core business coaching and to developing vitality programs. For both, we use the Pluvo learning platform”.

Why Pluvo?

The Healthy Crew chose Pluvo as their learning platform because they immediately clicked: “The first contact with Henny immediately clicked. She spoke to us very well and the system contained all the features we had in mind at the time. The simple start and set-up meant that we had our first blended learning ready within a few weeks”.

How is the learning platform used?

The Healthy Crew uses Pluvo for various purposes. “Our 20 affiliated coaches are watching the progress of the coachees linked to them,” says Ruby. “A regular part of the coaching is discussing the assignments, exercises and psychoeducation that are available in the online environment in Pluvo. During the walk, they discuss the highlights and the coach and coachee look at what has been filled out on the iPad”.

The Healthy Crew also uses Pluvo for shortened courses and online programs, and Pluvo is also used in the onboarding process of new coaches.

“Since we are growing rapidly and the number of coaches is increasing every month, we opted for a smooth onboarding with Pluvo. This way, the new coaches can also go back to the information when they have started their first coaching programs”.

How was the creation of e-learning experienced?

“Putting together your course is most of the work, actually using it is a piece of cake,” says Ruby. “Our first version of the course is now very different from the current version. Firstly, because we had put too much information in it and secondly because we are constantly adding new, good information and removing things. This way, the course remains up to date, lively and up to date. We also always ask participants for feedback, so the course gets better every day”.

The Healthy Crew also made a derivative of the course, so they were able to better suit their target group: “The terms for generally more educated professionals in the first course did not suit the participants well enough for a specific company with a mainly MBO level”.

“The ease of adapting and developing a derivative course could be achieved in the short term because of Pluvo's ease of use”.

Tips for other e-learning creators?

“Think carefully about what your goal is,” says Ruby. “What learning objectives do you have? And above all, what does the participant want out of the learning environment? Does the language suit the target group?”

“And less is more,” Ruby tips. “From your expertise, it is very tempting to put all your knowledge into the program. The participant does not have to reach your level of knowledge, practical tools and some background are often sufficient”.

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