Instructing with AI - this is how you become the trainer of the future!


In this blog, you can read how to use AI effectively to teach and train. Attention teachers and trainers: this is going to change your life completely!

Inside us previous blog we already announced it: Artificial Intelligence is “here to stay”. Because we at Pluvo are progressive and prefer to prepare for the future instead of focusing on the past, we dive into this fascinating development in this four-part blog series.

We believe that AI will help teachers and trainers immensely. It will soon make “manual” tasks such as checking and other administrative tasks obsolete, leaving more time to really focus on what matters: students or students learn things. This leaves more time and energy for personal connection between teachers and students: a real win-win!

We list a few tasks where AI can ideally support teachers and trainers in the future.

Intelligent tutor systems

Intelligent Tutor Systems (ITS) provide students with personalised feedback to help them learn. These tools use natural language processing and machine learning to analyze student performance and then adapt instruction accordingly.

ITS can guide students step by step with questions they have difficulty with. They can also provide real-time feedback and encourage students to actively participate throughout the course. As students master a concept well, the AI tools adapt the course content to remain challenging and keep the learning process fun and interesting.

Automated review

Reviewing and assessing submitted assignments, projects and tests is a task that often takes up a lot of valuable time, which could be used much more productively and effectively by teachers and trainers.

Thanks to AI, the assessment of students and students can now be reliably automated. AI tools can assess various types of assessments, such as multiple choice questions or answers to open questions.

Well-trained AI tools can accurately identify errors and even provide feedback or suggestions to improve answers. This gives teachers and trainers more time to focus on providing personal feedback and coaching based on this feedback.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics are used to see which students could use some help or are even considering quitting. This is useful, because it allows us to create special learning routes for those students, so that we can intervene in time and they can improve their performance and hopefully find their motivation again. These insights also tell us how we can improve the course or training in general, where the pitfalls lie, where students are at risk of quitting, and so on.

In this way, the training can be proactively adapted to the learning needs of the students and you prevent dropouts and disappointing learning results in the future.

Adaptive learning

Based on each student's competency level, AI tools can adjust the level of challenge in the course content until the student has built up sufficient expertise. For example, when a student learns a new skill, each successive module becomes a bit more challenging.

Another way to personalise learning is to provide students with optimised learning paths that not have been determined in advance. Based on student interaction and performance, new learning paths are dynamically generated by AI, which optimises the learning experience.


Chatbots use smart technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to “talk” to users. Some chatbots answer simple questions with pre-set answers, while others can have more complex conversations and even learn from users.

Duolingo is a good example of this. By using advanced technology, users can practice the language they are learning in real time by having “real time” conversations with the Duolingo chatbot, adapted to their current language level, and thus continuously improving their language skills.

Developing lessons with Education Copilot

Another time-consuming task is developing lessons. The new AI tool”Education Copilot” takes over a large part of this task from teachers and trainers.

With this AI tool, you can create lessons, assignments, handouts, reports, and project summaries in seconds. Really worth it!

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