AquaFlanders chooses Pluvo for online refresher courses and courses!

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“Pluvo is very intuitive and easy to use. The platform offers countless opportunities to create a course, but also to evaluate the student!”

Diederik de Bruyn


Who is AquaFlanders?

AquaFlanders is a federation of Flemish water companies and sewer managers. AquaFlanders represents the interests of its members and contributes to streamlined and modern water management. In addition, AquaFlanders informs and motivates Flanders in the field of sustainable water use.

Fluvius, Farys and De Watergroep, among others, are members of AquaFlanders.

Why e-learning?

AquaFlanders recently started Pluvo to offer online courses. Diederik de Bruyn, quality assurance officer, explains:

“One of our core tasks is to organise the inspections of indoor installations and private water disposal in Flanders. AquaFlanders also trains the judges. For these courses, as well as the refresher courses for the judges, we want to use Pluvo. It must be an interactive environment, and that is certainly possible within Pluvo.”

“Furthermore, the intention is to build the evaluation, examination and preparation of certificates into the platform, so that everything is neatly put together.”

The choice for Pluvo

After a thorough selection process, AquaFlanders chose Pluvo. Diederik explains about this:

“Pluvo is teaching itself. It's intuitive and easy to use!”

“The platform offers countless opportunities to create a course, but also to evaluate the students. If you still can't figure it out, a very helpful team is ready to guide us through the entire process. But it is also very easy for users to follow a course, so that we as an organisation do not have to constantly adjust everything ourselves.”

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