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I really like e-learning at Pluvo and easy to use! With Pluvo, RID's onboarding process has become a lot more flexible.

Stephanie Kun


What exactly does RID do?

We are committed to a powerful language and math development for every child. That is our mission! We offer help at 4 levels of support in primary education. For example, we provide training and webinars, we offer remedial teaching and specialised dyslexia and dyscalculia treatments and we offer support apps. We look through the child's eyes and join forces with parents, school and municipality. We translate scientific expertise into effective support and innovation in practice.

What is Pluvo used for?

Pluvo is mainly used internally to train colleagues. Through Pluvo, we already introduce colleagues to the organisation and, in terms of content, to the work they are going to do. In addition, we offer some refresher training internally, using e-learning in Pluvo to deepen. For example, there is an e-learning about dyslexia treatment and associated problems. Here, we provide therapists with tools on how to deal with, for example, ADHD or fear of failure during treatment. We want to further expand the range of refresher courses in the coming period and may also make some of it available externally.

Pluvo is currently also being used externally by teachers or internal supervisors who are going to work with our RT method OefenKR8 themselves.

Everyone knows Pluvo within our organisation, it has really become a household name. “Is there already a 'Pluvo' for it? ”

Why was Pluvo chosen as the platform?

During our orientation, we compared many different platforms and had conversations.

At Pluvo, I immediately hit it off and I love your customer service. You are always available, want to contribute ideas to everything and you can ask anything. That's really nice.

I like Pluvo and it looks nice and is user-friendly. And besides, the organisation is also a lot of fun. It is a young and like-minded company. Pluvo continues to develop, if you have tips and ideas, Pluvo is open to it and there are often new updates. I'm a fan!

How is building in Pluvo experienced?

I really enjoy building myself, I can put some creativity into it. It is easy to use and intuitive. This also makes it easy for me to explain it to other people.

Very handy that there is also an 'explanation' learning line when you start, I can add colleagues without having to train them myself first. Then they go a long way in the program.

Do you use other tools to enrich the e-learning?

For example, we use Genial.ly and Thinglink for interactive images. And recently, we took a trial subscription to Synthesia, an AI tool that allows you to make videos. You can then add a text and have it spoken by a very real avatar. We can use this, for example, in informative videos for parents that we can easily include in the Pluvo e-learning.

What tips do you have for other organisations that want to work on e-learning?

Use Pluvo! Consider in advance what your goal and target group is and what your structure looks like. When there is a framework, you can quietly build and add the content. Only start designing it beautifully when the content is clear.

Another tip is to use a lot of variety in pictures and text and let participants answer questions in between. This way, the substance is better absorbed.

Are there any other things you want to say?

We still have many plans for the future in the field of education, and we will often use Pluvo for this. Also consider a combination of training on location and online. We can let participants review the theory online beforehand, so that we have time to dive into practice on location.

With Pluvo, RID's onboarding process has become a lot more flexible. Now, our colleagues don't have to travel far and can learn at their own pace. Very nice!

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