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"You'll quickly know what to do in Pluvo. When in doubt, approach the helpdesk who always responds quickly, so that you can move on quickly."

Lesley Sahertian


What does Timewax do?

Timewax is a SaaS resource planning solution for project-based companies that want to professionalise and are fed up with:

  • Inefficient planning processes
  • Unreliable occupancy forecasts
  • Hassle with separate systems

They mainly do this with a focus on ICT, marketing, accountancy, engineering and installation sectors.

What is Pluvo used for?

“We mainly use Pluvo to onboard new customers to our platform. Where we used to spend a lot of time providing online training, Pluvo takes over a large part of this.”

“Online training saves us a lot of time and customers are less dependent on us. It gives us the space to mainly act as a sparring partner, instead of providing button training.”

In addition, all our current customers can also use Pluvo for further education and training for new users.

Why was Pluvo chosen as the platform?

An important requirement was that we were able to seamlessly integrate Pluvo with our platform. Users click on the Timewax Academy from our platform and are thus automatically logged into Pluvo to start learning lines that are tailored to their user profile.

Furthermore, there was good contact during the purchase phase and questions were answered quickly. Testing free of charge in a demo environment gave a good impression of the possibilities.

How is building in Pluvo experienced?

You'll quickly figure out where to do what. When in doubt, approach the helpdesk who always responds quickly, so that you can move on quickly. The knowledge base is also very useful.

Do you use other tools to enrich the e-learning?

In addition to many screenshots, we use Vimeo for video content and Genially for interactive images.

What tips do you have for other organisations that want to work on e-learning?

Don't underestimate how much time it can take. You should consider in advance how you want to communicate, how you want to build the lesson module, etc. In addition, you should get to know Pluvo as a tool, all of which takes some time investment.

Are there any other things you want to say?

Gather feedback from colleagues regularly and try to sit in the target group's seat. What do they need?

So make sure you're not going to create too much content without feedback. Pluvo invites you to add everything to it, but it must be useful!

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