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“Pluvo offers the most complete and practical solution for both e-learning and community building that allows MR members to get started right away!”

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Pluvo, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW), has started setting up the “MR academy”. The MR academy will be the online place for the training and upskilling of members of the participation council in primary and secondary education.

The challenge

The cooperation between the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and Pluvo came about as a result of a challenge that the ministry launched via Starthub, a connector between large organisations with start-ups and scale-ups. The ministry was looking for innovative ways to strengthen the position of the participation council. This is necessary because the MR plays an important role in schools' decision-making, especially in the area of policy. For members of the participation council, having the right content knowledge is therefore essential. However, this knowledge is currently mainly personal and difficult to transfer.

The solution that the ministry was looking for to this dilemma could be flexible, as long as the solution contributes to increasing the content knowledge of the MR members. In addition, the idea had to be complementary to existing initiatives. The idea should complement the existing initiatives of Strengthening Participation, a joint project by educational organisations to support participation.

Pourquoi Pluvo?

“When we read the assignment, we immediately knew that Pluvo has the answer to this issue” says Henny, marketer at Pluvo.

Pluvo is an online learning environment where you can create and follow e-learning. “We thought this was ideal for the MR members. Indeed, membership in an MR is a voluntary position that most people do in addition to their job or study. As a result, it is not always possible to follow physical training, because they take place during the day, for example. Online learning is the ideal solution for this.”

“Pluvo also makes it easy to communicate with each other through the interactive chat. Important information can also be easily found in the Pluvo library.”

The winning pitch

The jury also liked this: Pluvo was invited to present their product to the ministry. After an extensive selection process, Pluvo was chosen as the winner.

According to the jury, Pluvo offers the most complete and practical solution for both e-learning and community building, with which MR members can get started immediately.

The jury explains: “Pluvo has thoroughly studied the problems and meets the need in its solution. They focus on both the development of the MR through e-learning, which serves both experienced and new MR members, and on knowledge assurance through the library function. In addition, they offer opportunities to connect various participation councils, so that the collective level of knowledge also increases.

The online training courses

At the moment, Pluvo, in cooperation with Reinforcement of Participation, is developing the online academy and associated training courses.

Henny: “The goal of the online training courses is to actually make it fun to learn about the MR. MR members often have to learn about complex issues, for example about legislation, and with the e-learning we want to make this fun and educational. We do this, for example, by developing videos and by offering interactive teaching materials.

In addition to general training, the academy will also include induction training. The onboarding training is particularly useful for starting MR members: it provides them with the right information for a successful start. This general onboarding training, in combination with offline familiarisation with the MR itself, ensures that an MR member feels at home in the MR world more quickly and can roll up their sleeves more quickly. What's more, a new member has the right information much faster and more effectively.


The launch of the academy will take place in early 2020. By then, all schools will receive an invitation with more information about the platform. After the rollout of the first training courses, the intention is that the number of training courses will continue to grow, so that MR members can retrain online in many areas.

Pluvo for organisations

Pluvo is a start-up from Amsterdam. Pluvo offers complete online learning environments for organisations. Since the launch of the platform in 2016, more and more companies have chosen Pluvo to integrate online learning into their organisation. Also interested? Just get a free account!

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