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Digitising HR definitely has advantages for the employer. But are the employees also getting along with it? We think so!

HR work has become increasingly automated in recent years. A growing number of employers are making the switch from traditional human work to smart online solutions for a variety of HR themes. Not surprising: automation relieves HR staff from piles of tedious and error-prone work, and provides efficiency and a lot of time savings. In addition, it frees up the industrious HR hands and heads to focus more on personal conversations, strategic advice and necessary policies.

But what about the other end of the line? Are employees really eager for a new system and a different way of working? Our opinion? If you arrange it properly and implement it carefully, there are also absolute benefits for employees in (further) digitising HR processes. We have listed them for you.

1. Easy to apply and onboarding

To start with, if the reader of your vacancy suddenly becomes an interested applicant, you'd better roll out the virtual red carpet quickly. Because the more smoothly the application can be submitted, the sooner you can sit down with someone. What's more, with an attractive website and a flashy application form, you immediately set the tone: I'm an interesting employer!

If the next step is also taken and the employee is employed, an interesting onboarding program a real must-have. With onboarding you can't start early enough, and it never actually takes too long. It's important that your new colleague feels welcome and at home.

So invest in preboarding (taking the new employee along before the first day of work), the orientation phase (those first few, oh so important, working days) and, when the employee is a bit settled, good integration. Give the onboarding mostly online form: that offers as much flexibility and customisation as possible. With Pluvo, you can organise the entire onboarding new employees in one place.

2. More autonomy and employee satisfaction

Personal control over work content and agenda scores very high on the scale of employee satisfaction. And a satisfied employee is happy to keep working for you and is less likely to be absent. That works out well in these times of labour shortages!

Being able to view and arrange all kinds of HR-related issues yourself without depending on the location, time or availability of an HR employee is therefore not a luxury — it is increasingly becoming a necessity in every company.

A few examples of automated self-service that are usually quickly embraced by employees:

  • Schedule an appointment or training online
  • Submit changes in address, marital status or working hours
  • Request (and receive!) leave or vacation
  • Report sick and recovered
  • Intern application
Of course, you ensure that the house rules are crystal clear to everyone, and that HR and management have a good check on all changes, budgets and regulations. But also rely on the goodwill and responsibility of the employee himself!

3. Knowledge sharing and development

Online solutions in the field of knowledge and talent management are in fact an integral part of every self-respecting HR department.

Reviewing the new collective labor agreement, safety instructions or the employee handbook: just a few examples of things that the average employee would like to be able to easily find online. Pluvo offers you this knowledge base for additional reference work, so that your students only need one place where they can find everything: your academy.

Also the learning journey every employee can easily be automated. Make smart use of available data so that you can offer your employees an optimal, customised learning program. Set up your knowledge platform in a modular way, so that you can easily switch between different levels of knowledge and experience. This prevents your employee from being questioned or bored.

4. Breeding ground for sustainable employability

Of course, it is important that we can reach the finish line of our career healthy and happy, but that does require some extra attention. After all, the retirement age in the Netherlands is moving a little further over and over again.

That is why you should regularly ask yourself about the sustainable employability of your employees. Here, too, automation can help. For example, regularly analyse:

  • Absenteeism and accident figures
  • Age structure
  • Inflow, flow and outflow
  • Training needs and needs
  • Employee Satisfaction
The data from such an analysis provides an important breeding ground for a thorough HR policy, which not only makes your employees healthy and happy, but also your organisation.

5. Promotion programs & coaching

Nowadays, promotion programs and coaching in HR are essential elements for stimulating the professional development of employees. In a digital environment, online HR promotion programs play a crucial role in identifying talent, facilitating career development and promoting growth within organisations.

Coaching in this context is evolving into an online setting, using virtual platforms and tools to guide and support employees. This includes not only transferring skills and knowledge, but also strengthening leadership skills and fostering a positive remote company culture. With the Pluvo's personal development plan you are not only working on your own development: you can also easily share it with a coach, manager or trainer. This is how you get the most out of your personal development!

Integrating technology into HR processes opens up new opportunities for personalised coaching, allowing employees to grow and develop in a flexible way, regardless of their physical location.

Not everything can be automated
Admittedly, we may be a bit of idiots. We see many online options where others are still a bit awkward. And of course, we know that not everything can be automated. After all, human attention remains an indispensable ingredient for happiness at work, especially when it comes to HR.

But how nice is it when automation can actually make that human touch a little easier?! So feel free to contact us, to discuss the opportunities and risks of online solutions with us!

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