Tips for a more productive, efficient and enjoyable HR team

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HR is a broad field of work, which often requires quick actions for unexpected situations. How do you ensure that your HR team is equipped to do this? Read our tips!

Every HR manager will agree: HR work really is never boring. As soon as there are developments within the organisation or with an employee, you are always at the front of the queue in the HR field to take action or put out fires. No working day is the same.

That may sound like a dream job. But it's also a lot of hard work. Change your agenda without a hitch with Barbapapa's flexibility. Being able to conjure up supersonic specialist knowledge to solve an urgent issue. And also often clean up things that other departments have left behind.

That requires quite a bit from your HR team. With these tips, you lay an important basis for working smarter, not harder.

1. Digitise

Calculate a transition payment, retirement age or vacation balance? Tightly monitoring the terms of the Gatekeeper Improvement Act? Make it easy for everyone and purchase useful HR apps or tools. Put them on the shared knowledge platform so you don't have to look them up every time. This saves everyone a lot of time and reduces the risk of error.

2. Stay up to date automatically

HR is linked to various other disciplines and is also always on the move itself. Nevertheless, the managers who come to HR count on answers that make sense. How can you ensure that everyone is aware of the latest developments?

Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to always keep an eye on the newspapers, trade magazines or the news. Others are already doing that for you! Subscribe to (often free) knowledge sites and make convenient use of alerts and newsletters.

Extra tip from us: don't forget to take a critical look at the subscriptions from time to time, otherwise your mailbox will snow under the rug.

3. Share your knowledge

Agree with your colleagues to keep each other informed when you discover something new. This way, you keep each other sharp and the quality of the team up to par. Are you proud of the result of a project, have you written a fantastic letter, or made a legally watertight employment contract? Set the best practices on the HR knowledge platform.

Hold a regular intervision meeting, where you discuss difficult cases with each other. This does not only have a learning effect. You'll find that it also strengthens the bond between you when you share what you're doing and get help from your colleagues.

4. Standardise

Not only does it save time to work according to fixed procedures and use the same formats. You also exude professionalism and create more clarity for both your team and the rest of the organisation.

Put fixed formats and templates of letters and agreements on the HR knowledge platform. Then you can be sure that HR always speaks with the same tone of voice, and everything is legally right like a bus. With the online academy from Pluvo, you have one place where employees, students or customers can find everything.

Also, regularly take a critical look at the various processes and workflows. Do all colleagues work according to the same pattern? Is the work order still logical and does everything in terms of content comply with the current collective labor agreement and legislation? Agree on one uniform working method and roll it out to the rest of the organisation. And yes, sometimes it is necessary to be strict: if someone does not comply with the agreements, it will not be processed.

5. Let go where you can

More and more employees are used to privately managing their affairs online themselves. This trend can easily be continued at work.

Deploy a self-service system into the HR environment. It leaves the employee with a lot of control and you have to spend less time on red tape.

Also, take a critical look at the division of roles between management and HR. Is the role of HR within your organisation advisory or decisive? Do managers take sufficient responsibility for their own department, or are HR still traditionally looked at expectantly?

Perhaps plentiful, but very important for support: if you want to change anything in the division of roles, don't forget to talk to the MT first and communicate it clearly to the other departments. And after a while, remember to evaluate how you like the change inside and outside the team. After all, extra tips and fresh ideas will help you do your HR work even better!

Need more inspiration?
There are many online options to make your work easier and more efficient. Are you unable to see the forest for the trees, or do you just want a fresh look? Feel free to contact us, we'd love to help you!

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