Onboarding: a warm welcome in 7 steps!

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Getting started with onboarding? With this simple step-by-step plan, you can ensure a fantastic onboarding of new employees!

The term 'onboarding'seems to be the buzzword of 2020. The HR world is buzzing with it.

Not surprising with the current overstretched labor market, where bringing in and, above all, keeping new employees in is quite a challenge. In our blog last year we already wrote something onboarding well actually is and what it all comes with. This time, through a simple step-by-step plan, we'll show you how to ensure optimal onboarding within your organization at the ultimate moment: even before the employment contract starts.

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This document contains a number of crucial points that are part of a new colleague's induction period. This way, you won't forget anything and you can get started right away!

Tsunami of impressions

A new employee experiences a tsunami of impressions on the first day of work. Give countless hands, log into an unknown system, sniff out a different atmosphere and oh yes, where was that coffee machine again?

At least, that's how it works if someone has actively thought about getting to know the organization. Because really, they still exist: companies where a fresh employee is suddenly left behind a desk. The office key lies silently next to the phone and laptop. Figure it out, is the message.

And the employee? She goes home hungover and lonely after that first day. Probably looking for another vacancy again soon.

Such a company clearly did not understand where onboarding about: welcoming your employee with a warm bath that is so nice that he or she won't want to leave for now.


You're reading this blog about onboarding, so luckily you are one of those HR employees or managers who rolls out the red carpet for new employees. You even personally write “Welcome” on the door in thick chocolate letters. Chapeau to you! Because with good staff onboarding, you are not only doing that awkward employee a great favor, but also your own organization.

Research shows that an employee who receives sufficient attention at the start:

  • will be productive more quickly;
  • experiences more happiness at work;
  • and stays with the same employer longer.

Keep these checkmarks in mind. Especially now that there are more vacancies than applicants, they are very important.

Dose a bit

However, we would like to warn you. Of course, put a lot of attention, warmth and creativity into welcoming that precious new addition. But please don't do everything at once. Don't let your employee drown!

As we already wrote, all those impressions on such a first day of work are quite overwhelming.

How nice would it be if you could let in new information, faces and systems in doses? Let your employee get used to the organization immediately after signing the employment contract. Then there is more space on The Day itself to soak up everything live and also enjoy the new challenge a bit.

Smart online

Forget the hard stuff in the diaries for a live introduction avant-la-lettre. Especially when the old job is still in the picture, this can lead to weird antics, which guarantee stress and discomfort.

In 2019, it doesn't have to be too complicated to give an employee a smooth start in your company. By making smart use of the online options, you can give your new colleague a warm and useful welcome, at the time that suits them best and at the pace that suits them.

How to do that? It's no coincidence that you've clicked on Pluvo's website; we'd love to take you step by step into the wonderful world of online onboarding.

By the way, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Get inspired by TomTom and Wortell's onboarding programs.

Or take a look at the AWL & bol.com kitchen.

Our top 7 for digital onboarding

1. What do you need to know?

Put heads together with HR, management and management to determine what information is essential to learn to find your way around the organization quickly and effectively. Be sure to ask experienced experts (colleagues who have not been employed that long) what they missed when they arrived, but also what made them happy during their first months. Use those tips and tips when putting together the onboarding program.

2. One online place for new employees

Set up an online location centrally where all information can be found. There are various suppliers of such training and development platforms, but Pluvo is of course our favorite ;-). Of course, you make sure that the site has the right look and feel. Corporate identity, use of color, choice of words, layout: in short, the entire look must match your company. In this way, the employee (often unconsciously) already integrates a bit into the company and gets used to culture and technical jargon.

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3. Video material

Provide attractive video material as an appetizer. Welcome the employee to this and, above all, show images of the workplace. This does not just think about the product or service that the organization is about. Also give a brief impression of the office spaces, canteen, Friday afternoon drinks or running club. It is precisely these that are important building blocks for ultimate job satisfaction.

4. Who/What/Where

Don't put your new colleague to the test unnecessarily. Give every employee (and company doctor, counselor and Works Council) an honorable mention in a “smoelenboek”. Includes name, photo, phone number, email address and, especially in a larger company, work location. Being so clear who/what/where not only prevents a lot of searching in the first few months, but also any embarrassing situations.

Let's face it: no one can remember the name and position of a load of unknown people all at once, right?!

Tip: create an interactive face book in your online onboarding. Let new employees find faces and names together!

5. E-learning

On a silver platter, tell the employee exactly what is expected in the new job. Job content (preferably enhanced with beautiful and relevant photo or video material with colleagues' stories) and related access to all necessary training and courses.

Enrich your online academy with some “softer” supportive training courses that can help monitor work-life balance, health and personal effectiveness. Challenge the employee to fill out a personal development plan even when onboarding. This is a good starting point for discussions about career planning and personal development.

Want to know more about e-learning? Download the book “e-Learning Essentials” for free.

6. Rules, Procedures and Facilities

Prevent misunderstandings, mistakes, and even accidents. Make the collective labor agreement, rules and procedures easily accessible on your onboarding platform. So that the employee is already well aware of rights, obligations and facilities before even one step has been taken on the work floor. Also pay attention to absenteeism, vitality and working conditions.

A button “Do you have questions? Contact us” with a direct link to HR is always a good idea.

7. Offline introduction

Last, but not least: the link to an application form for offline onboarding. Because no matter how beautiful a digital environment is, there is nothing like real mutual contact. Provide a varied program, with plenty of space for questions, comments and social interaction. Dare to go off the beaten path too — how nice is it when your new employer surprises you with something you haven't experienced before?!

It doesn't have to be big and compelling, as long as it's surprising. Plan the meeting soon after the start, it shouldn't be too late!

Pluvo makes it fun and easy

So far, our digital onboarding top 7, and we have many more ideas about how to quickly and effectively retain employees to your organization. Are you curious about this? Do you have questions, need even more inspiration, or do you want support in setting up an online onboarding?

Feel free to contact us. We are also happy to help you create, manage and analyze assessments, blended and e-learning courses. Pluvo has all the knowledge, tools, ideas and expertise to make it as fun and easy as possible for you. Whether you are a large or small employer!

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