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Those who pay close attention see it more and more often. They are often young people, cycling or walking. A cellphone in the pocket, headset on the head. And the most striking thing: that inexplicable smile. Or a sudden laugh that can't be suppressed.

You're already beginning to doubt yourself. But there is something completely different here: these people usually don't just laugh. These people are listening to the podcast!

Podcast as a teaching tool

Podcast is trending. And that's not for nothing. There are many free podcasts available these days. From self-help, to comedy and true crime stories. But they're also ideal for learning something new, no matter where you are.

At Pluvo, we also love podcasts. This is how we have our own podcast, but we're also happy to help you create podcasts as a learning tool.

Why use podcast as a teaching tool?

  • The podcast is a perfect fit for our busy lives! When you're on the way to work, shopping or doing laundry. A podcast fits seamlessly into your daily activities.
  • It increases learning efficiency. When you listen to a podcast, your brain converts the audio into personal images. That helps to remember the information.
  • It adds variety to your online training. Offer podcasts alongside text, video, and assignments and you'll have a rich learning experience!
  • It makes your e-learning more personal. You can say a lot about yourself in a podcast. As a result, students get to know you better - and that in turn increases their motivation!
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Joan Hoexum from Vitality Solutions at Pluvo's podcast studio.

Joan Hoexum from Vitality Solutions at Pluvo's podcast studio.

Why join Pluvo?

If you want to use podcast as a teaching tool, you want to make sure you have good audio quality. At Pluvo, we have professional recording equipment.

This ensures that you have no annoying differences in volume or audio stutters. What's more, we can edit the podcast for you afterwards, in case you've said 'uhh' a little too often ;-)

  • Four half-hour podcasts start at €995, -.
  • You can record the podcasts yourself, but we also employ voice actors to whom you can outsource them.

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